Organising Secretary

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the organizing committee of NCPID 2022, It is a great pleasure and proud privilege to hold the prestigious annual conference of Pediatric Infectious Diseases chapter of our mother organization IAP at Vellore. Vellore is a historical city, known for its famous forts and was the seat of the first sepoy mutiny. It is also prides itself of world famous institution known for its research and advances in medicine - Christian Medical College and the world famous VIT University. Set amidst a background of the Eastern Ghats, it has a combination of urban lifestyle and rural atmosphere giving the lovely ambience for conducting an academic feast with peace and sophistication. Vellore also is very close by to the renowned Tirupati temple, a must visit for the Hindus and the golden temple, one of its kind in south. It is our great honour to invite you all for NCPID 2022.

Enjoy our hospitality in the oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city..... Have a dip in our delicacies in bonne bouches along with the aesthetically refined highbrow sessions with many 'first' of the kind.... come to feel the difference.. .come to be astonishes with the unexpected....

We promise that this November 19th and 20th 2022, will be the days to be etched in your memories as we deliver the highest quality of academic content. True to our theme - "from concepts to consensus" - we will attempt to bring the doyens in the field of infectious diseases delivering their concepts and research and the real heroes on the field the practicing pediatricians together. When the clinical research and literature meets the practitioner, the magic of exemplary care to the patient begins which this conference is bound to deliver.

Our NCPID 2022, promises to be the first environment-friendly conference.

By using the environment-friendly materials, water areas, oxygen friendly auditorium, zero food wastage and plastic use we promise you are to see the unexpected.

Come and join us in this endeavour. Come and join us to show that we are the environment-conscious academicians who have pledged to save our dearest Mother Earth.

Expecting all your earnest presence and waiting to host you.

On behalf of the Organising team.

Dr. Narmada S,
Senior Consultant
Organising Secretary
NCPID 2022

Scientific Chair

It is a great pleasure to invite you all to Tamilnadu under my Chairmanship of the prestigious ID chapter of IAP.

We have always been striving to deliver academic content of the highest standards and we are sure this conference will also deliver the same.

We hope to bring in the best minds of the nation and have multiple panel discussions and deliberations to provide you with concepts that will help you to aid in practice.

The varied presentation of infectious diseases, the emergence and re-emergence of various bugs, the influence of environment and lifestyle on these diseases, the availability of myriads of diagnostic modalities, the emerging resistance of antibiotics all needs to be deliberated and the input of clinicians will aid to manage these challenges.

Hence, it is my pleasure as an organising Chairman to invite you to this academic feast.

The conference is bound to be memorable and the ambience will provide the serenity for you to enjoy unhindered academic bonanza.

Dr. S. Balasubramanian
IAP ID Chairperson 2022
Scientific Chair, NCPID 2022